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Quick Self Storage - Darlington Branch


"We installed a wide range of advanced fire and security solutions for the Quick Self Storage site in Darlington"

Over the years we have worked on several properties under the Quick Self Storage name. Most recently, we were responsible for protecting their Darlington site.

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Project Background

We have made sure that the Darlington site for Quick Self Storage is safe from fire as well as any security threats

Our technical knowledge, experience and competency are what has allowed us to form a strong working relationship with Quick Self Storage. We are responsible for protecting many of their sites and we were responsible for protecting their latest acquisition.

Project Scope: Fire & Security Installation

Important About Project

Project Requirements
The property needed to be brought up to current fire safety standards as well as requiring a number of security systems to make sure that the property was protected from both internal and external threats.
What Was Installed?
Our engineers were responsible for installing intruder alarms, fire systems, CCTV cameras, access control and bespoke audio system. We also supplied them with the correct class of fire extinguishers.
Future Development
Our fire and security systems are scalable which means that additional elements can be added to the system at a later date should the customer want to increase security within the premises.

Our previous experience of working on a project of this scale meant that we knew what solutions the customer required

Working across multiple different industries has allowed us to gain a great insight into the daily security risks each industry faces.
We knew from working on other projects of this size, that multiple security measures were going to be needed in order to make sure that the site was protected from all angles.

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