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"We installed additional fire alarm detectors within the restaurant of the Derby International Hotel"

Whilst renovating and upgrading their restaurant, the Derby International Hotel approached us as they thought it would be a good idea to also upgrade the existing fire safety measures that were in place.

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Project Background

We have made sure that the recent developments carried out at the Derby International Hotel are safe from the threat of fire
Fire safety has been our forte for over 30 years and we welcomed the challenge that the Derby International Hotel came to us with.

Project Scope: Fire & Security Installation

Important About Project

Project Requirements
The Derby International Hotel required new fire alarm detectors in the restaurant following recent developments.
What Was Installed?
We took into account the current fire alarm that was in place, as well as the environment to source the correct products for the job.
Future Development
Our systems have been set up so that over time they can be expanded upon for even more security.

Using our experience from similar projects of this size to provide a solution that worked best for the customer

We have worked with many hotels across Derby and the surrounding areas over the years. 

Working with hotels has given us a great understanding of what solutions work best in certain scenarios. We were able to use this experience and technical knowledge to quickly implement a solution that would make sure that the recently renovated restaurant had adequate protection against fire.

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We are qualified and motivated professionals with an eye for detail. We understand fire safety regulations and seek to ensure the worst doesn’t happen to you. 

We are not bound to one specific manufacturer and will provide you with honest and impartial advice on what is best for you. This dedication and work ethos is why we are trusted by so many hotels across Derby and surrounding areas.

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