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Our friendly, professional security installers were able to provide the clients with long lasting IP based CCTV, an aspirating fire detection system, fire extinguishers and intruder alarms

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Location: Wastecycle Leicester
Service: CCTV, Fire Detection, Extinguishers & Intruder Alarms

IP CCTV, Aspirating Fire Detection, Fire Extinguishers & Intruder Alarms

We were contacted by Wastecycle in Leicester as they required new security and fire systems to be installed at their premises. This included an IP based CCTV system, an aspirating fire detection system, an intruder alarm system and some fire extinguishers. 

After meeting with the clients to discuss their individual requirements, our specialist security and fire team got to work on installing the new systems and ensuring the entire property was completely secure.

As the CCTV system runs on an IP based network, the system can be expanded easily and provides the client with a flexible system that ensures complete peace of mind at all times. Not only this, but the aspirating fire detection system will detect the fire before it has spread, ensuring fast and effective measures can take place against any threat.

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