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To increase their fire safety measures, we provided Hardwick House School with new fire extinguishers.

Fire extinguishers could be the difference between life and death and must be taken seriously. Our fire safety team visited the Hardwich House School to survey to premises and gain an understanding of the risks and dangers, from this we were able to supply and install the correct extinguishers to the right locations. Our work at the Hardwick House School was on a tight timescale to ensure minimal disruptions for both students and teachers, this was something that we were able to overcome by arranging a suitable time within the school holidays. “The Mercury Security team works with Schools, Colleges and Universities across Nottinghamshire to ensure they have the fire and security measures they need to meet regulations and most importantly protect students and staff.”

Project Overview:

"As technology has moved forward, so have we. Our team of Nottingham based engineers represent expertise founded upon a wealth of experience and learning."

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