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Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham
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24 Hour Monitoring
With our expertise and knowledge of the industry, we can offer an advanced
monitoring service that ensures your property is fully protected 24 hours a day.
For more information on our monitoring services, view our monitoring
services below.
Alarm Monitoring Nottingham
Alarm Monitoring
Our trained alarm monitoring specialists will ensure that your property is fully protected and secure 24 hours a day.

Alarm Monitoring Nottingham
CCTV Monitoring
Trained professionals monitor your CCTV systems to ensure your property is protected at all times giving you complete peace of mind.

Digital Communications

Digital Communications allow your intruder or fire alarm to notify a 24 hour professional monitoring station in the event of a break in or fire, in a cost effective manner; ideal for the home owner or small businesses.
This is the most basic form of monitoring, but has grown over the years to allow the monitoring station to be informed of such detail as the particular zone in which the intrusion or fire was detected.

Dual Path Signalling

Here CSL DualCom talk through the benefits of dual path signalling for your business.



WebWayOne monitoring systems offer a range of cutting edge features. Working with WebWayOne we can bring you remote site support, and help you diagnose problems or change settings from our office. We can cut phone line costs, and integrate your CCTV to provide images to your monitoring station in the case of an alarm or fire. Signals can be routed over IP, saving costs by making use of your existing broadband connection.
Fire Alarm Installer Nottingham
1. Remote administration of your systems. We'll be able to dial in, see details and even make changes to your set up from our office, meaning we could sometimes avoid a call out and associated costs.
Fire Alarm Installer Nottingham
2. More detail reported to EMCS. We'll be able to signal everything your alarm can report to EMCS, where it can be logged, and visible to us off site, or available to you on the phone. All the detail about events on your alarm, all the time.
Fire Alarm Installer Nottingham
3. CCTV integration. We can enable the sending of CCTV images with any alarm activation to EMCS. This depends on IP CCTV however, why not talk to us today about upgrading to high definition IP CCTV?.
Fire Alarm Installer Nottingham
Other benefits include:
Reduce the need for dedicated phone lines. Monitor over IP networks, or the mobile phone network, and save on call costs and line rentals
Fire Alarm Installer Nottingham
BT RedCare - RedCare is the long standing monitoring solution from BT, a well known brand name with good recognition from insurance companies.

Click here for more >
Fire Alarm Installer Nottingham
Dualcom -The CSL DualCom system makes use of both the mobile and land line, or IP network, to double your confidence in your monitoring.
We can equip your intruder or fire alarm system with DualCom to give you confidence that your notifications will get through.


Working with your intruder alarm, or through analysis of your CCTV footage, we can have the monitoring station view footage of suspicious activity at your premises, and notify you or your keyholders if needed, 24 hours a day.

Milestone - click here to read more

Milestone is a state of the art open PC based platform for CCTV applications. Monitoring is just part of the powerful Milestone package, why not find out more here?

Control rooms and security offices
Many business where security is paramount are now begining to implement a control room / security office at their premises to monitor their building on site. Click here for more >


Heitel is a lean, efficient, cost effective solution to alarm transmission, offering steamlined and focussed CCTV and alarm transmission to our customers. Find out more in the video below.


The following video shows what is possible with AdPro FastTrace 2 technology, available now from Mercury Fire and Security. Alarms are sent to your monitoring station, where live video is scrutinised for problems, according to your instructions. The monitoring station can then act by calling key holders, making on site voice announcement or calling the police. This feature rich platform offers advanced features like analytics.
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Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham
Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham