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  Security Company Nottingham
"Your home and family could be up to 80% safer with a quality intruder alarm installed"
Don't wait for a break-in to happen.
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Security Installers Nottingham
Securing your home
"Burglars are opportunists and seek an easy win, toughen
up your security with Mercury Fire & Security."
Security Company Nottingham Comprehensive and unbiased serviceSecurity Company Nottingham Assuring quality, reliability and safetySecurity Company Nottingham Prompt surveys and quotes
Protect your home and family with reliable security solutions
Thieves will victimise homes with an easy way in. We make your home visibly secure and you safer. In the scheme of things it is a simple solution to prevent an intruder choosing to make your home a target.
Install an alarm system, it's easy.
Security Company Nottingham Make your home 80% safer with an alarm
Security Installer Nottingham We'll conduct a free home security survey
Security Installers Nottingham Choose from intelligent and easy-to-use systems
Nottingham Security Installer Our team will install and maintain your alarm
Security Installer Nottingham
Security Company Leicester
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We can help protect your home with:
Security Company Nottingham Alarms
Intruder alarms form the basis for most security systems. A well placed and reliable can not only detect and alert but can deter opportunists.
Security Installers Nottingham Home CCTV
Our intelligent home CCTV cameras that allow you to watch over your home, and check on pets, as well as capture footage of intruders.
Access Control Nottingham Door Entry
If you are worried about the access to and from your home or our simply look for a way to see who is at the door via a smartphone, we can help.
Nottingham Security Company Networking
Whether you are looking to setup a wired or wireless home network our expert team can help you to install the right system for your needs.
Security Installers Nottingham Care Systems
We understand the importance of care and knowing that your loved ones are safe, we can design and fit systems that provide peace of mind.
Alarm Installers Nottingham Fire Alarms
We can help you to protect your home and family from the risks of fires with reliable fire alarms and detectors that are professionally installed.
Why choose Mercury Fire & Security to protect your home?
Losing things which are precious is painful. At Mercury Fire & Security, we have spent the last 2 decades protecting homes with intuitive, cost-effective and state-of-the-art security systems. Talk with us to protect your home. It is easy and not costly at all.
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Calling us can be a simple thing made in advance to protect your home. Please call to prevent a crime, not after one.
You call, we protect.
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Security Installer Nottingham
"Most of our installs are done after an
incident has occurred"
3 steps to secure your home
"Most of our installs are performed after an incident has occurred.
Taking preventative steps deters intruders and opportunists."
Security Company Nottingham Contact us for a FREE survey Security Company Nottingham We'll advise you on the best security options Security Company NottinghamOur friendly team will install your alarm
Security Company Nottingham   Security Company Nottingham   Security Installer Nottingham
We'll arrange a good time to visit   We'll provide options for your home   Hassle-free, mess-free installation
Security Installer Nottingham
We protect you and prevent a crime from taking place in your home.
Long after our installation you will be safer and more secure thanks to our customer care team. We'll maintain your alarm for years to come - our reputation is built upon looking after the smallest of details.
Security Installers Nottingham We can even take-over any existing home alarm
Prevent an intruder from choosing your home.
Install an alarm system.
Most of our installs are performed after an incident has occurred, after the effects of burglary have struck a home. Be a good statistic, be 80% safer with an alarm.
Security Company Nottingham
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Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham Security Installer Nottingham
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